Welcome Wanderlusters

Taylor and Sarah here! This evening we are delighted to announce our Summer Seventeen adventure. But first, a little bit about us…

We are sisters, best friends, nomads… who no matter how wonderful the place, can’t seem to sit still for too long. Although we love the sanctuary of our picturesque childhood home on Siesta Key, we love to travel, live, love, eat and EAT our way through destinations rustic and fabulous alike.

“Taylor, is a rising senior at the University of Miami studying public relations and marketing. She prides herself on her ‘excruciating love’ for her loved ones, her passion, and her determination to make life fun ABOVE ALL; all of which she wants to channel into a career of event planning for everyone from nonprofits and bridezillas, (did I mention she doesn’t discriminate, like ever).” -Sarah

“Sarah is a rising junior at he University of Miami studying public relations and international affairs. She likes to consider herself the ‘tougher’ of our dynamic duo,  but don’t be fooled by her direct, type A exterior, she is one of the silliest, kindest and most compassionate people I know. Sarah prides herself on her ‘cautiously free spirit’, love of dancing like a mom, and a good charcuterie plate.”- Taylor

Tomorrow we will be jetting off to Europe, and we can’t wait to share our travel adventures with you!

We are so thrilled to be blessed with the opportunities we have to travel the world, and even more grateful for you for following our journeys. CHEERS ‘LUSTERS




One response to “Welcome Wanderlusters”

  1. Sarah and Taylor,
    What a wonderful blog. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures!
    Love you! Deb


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