Under the Tuscan Sun

Wine, wheels, and warm weather…what more could a couple of travel-bug bitten girls ask for?

“Today we went on what Taylor told me was going to be a leisurely bike ride through Tuscany when, in reality, it was what I would describe as a level 5 biking trek up steep gravel roads. After almost falling and ~literally~ eating dirt about three times, I decided to walk my bike until we made it back to the paved roads.

Once the biking part of the tour, or in my case the walking part of the tour, we went back to Castello del Trebbio, a privately owned Tuscan castle originally built in the 11th century by the Pazzi family, where we ate a lot of home cooked pasta and drank our weight in the family’s private label. After our exhaustive bike ride, all I needed was a few glasses of vino and our cute Italian tour guide sitting next to me, making jokes, to cheer me up.” –Sarah


“No Soulcycle, no problem! Today we traveled into the Tuscan countryside for a bellissima day of bikes and bottles. After arriving to what our driver jokingly called “the middle of nowhere” (clearly he’s never summited Kilimanjaro) we straddled my favorite mode of transportation and got peddling.

While I will admit the terrain and difficulty level of this ride was a little harder than expected, the sights and sounds of this gorgeous Chianti vineyard were worth it. Plus, a little extra vay-cay calorie burn never killed anybody especially when bread and vino was the breakfast of these champions.

After a sweaty ride, or in Sarah’s case a bike aided stroll and quick van ride back up the winding hillside (sorry sis, I love you), we indulged in a fabulous lunch of homemade pasta and bread with olive oil pressed on location. As the wine flowed so did the hilarious conversations with our sarcastic and informative guides as we all relished in the breathtaking views from the 11th century castle we dined in.

Lunch was over, but in true Walt Disney World fashion, the adventure did not end there but in the “gift shop”. Or, in this case, the wine cellar where the family’s private label wines were sold. We had already had so much wine, and were completely stuffed …so naturally we bought a case!”—Taylor


That’s all for now, thank you for reading! We hope you continue to follow our journeys as we Karpe Diem…



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