Poffertjes, Please

In case it wasn’t apparent from yesterday’s post, we are obsessed with Dutch pancakes, so when we woke up this morning, breakfast wasn’t a question.

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We took the tram to De Vier Pilaren (shoutout to Elana for the rec), a place that only serves pancakes and poffertjes (yeah we didn’t know what they were either). We have officially found love in a hopeless place. Not to say Amsterdam is hopeless, it has quickly become one of our favorite cities, but let’s just say life begins and ends with poffertjes. These teeny tiny, doughy balls soaked in butter and confectioners sugar literally makes life worth living.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Upon stuffing our faces with these bite sized pillows of deliciousness, along with two pancakes, we decided to attempt to walk off some of the 2,000+ calories we had just consumed. (Side note: it was more of a roll than a walk…they see me rollin’ they hatin,’ only because they didn’t get any poffertjes).

We strolled through The 9 Streets, a local shopping district with small boutiques and vintage stores. While we don’t recommend such a heavy carb-fest as a precursor for a day of shopping, we highly recommend The 9 Streets for their one-of-a-kind shops and gorgeous views of the canals.

We’ve absolutely loved wandering this city, and are sad to be saying Vaarwel tomorrow afternoon. Amsterdam is so breathtakingly beautiful, and the people are some of the nicest we have met. We can’t wait to tack this city onto our list of go-to travel destinations. If you ever get the chance to visit, don’t pass it up. We promise you will enjoy.

As always, thank you for following us as we Karpe Diem…





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