Forgot Something?

for the blog.airport .jpgEver get to the airport and have that all consuming, nauseating, absolutely terrifying feeling that you forgot something?

Forget the never ending double checking and take a quick glimpse at our travel essentials..

“My biggest fear when arriving to the airport is always my checked bag being too heavy. As the more ‘high maintenance’ of the two of us, I definitely come with A LOT OF BAGGAGE. No pun intended. My biggest airport hack is quite simply, pack heavy, non liquid items in your carry on rollie. So in my bag you will find shoes, jeans, oversized sweats… Hydration is also super important when I’m traveling. I also make sure to pack foods with high water content like celery sticks and raspberries to avoid “terminal” panic food buying, (aka pretzels, chips, high salt nuts) as well as plenty of water and hydrating eye and hand cremes. COCONUT oil is also an essential, as long as you don’t have an allergy!” -Taylor

“You’re about to find out why I am very much the more ‘low maintenance’ of the two of us. My travel essentials are the complete opposite of Taylor’s, especially in the weight category. I put the lightest things in my carry on purse, like my books, medications, sweater, and of course my one true love Eeyore. Yes I mean the Eeyore like in Winnie the Pooh. My raggy old, ‘stuffed’ animal (he really doesn’t have much stuffing left) has been on every trip that I have been on since I was two years old. He’s my pillow, cuddle buddy, and constant reminder that even adults can be childish. I also never travel without a small cosmetic bag with overnight essentials (make-up remover wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc..). Travel light, travel smart, and stay sane.” -Sarah

We hope these quick travel tips will help you figure out what is essential to you when traveling, and if not, I hope we at least humored you a bit with our “travel neuroses.”

Now boarding, hope you always Karpe Diem…





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  1. Scott Anderson Avatar
    Scott Anderson

    Great tips!


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